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Luxury Gourmet Kitchen Remodeling and Design

Are you thinking about putting your current home on the market? If you are, any realtor will tell you kitchens sell homes. Are you getting ready to build the luxury home of your dreams? Then you will want a luxury gourmet kitchen that compliments the style and décor of your new home and provides a workspace that fits the way you cook.

At AXE Construction, we know gourmet kitchens and have designed and built some of the most amazing kitchens in the Los Angeles area. A modern kitchen with luxury state-of-the-art kitchen appliances not only adds value to a home but can be the signature location for a fabulous Los Angels lifestyle.

AXE Construction is the top kitchen remodeling company in Los Angeles. We will deliver your custom dream kitchen upgrade on schedule and budget. Yes, we are bringing new life to the heart of your home and covering everything from high-end kitchens to compact smaller kitchens and everything else in between – the whole ‘kitchen sink,’ all custom. With kitchens, it is all about the detailing and quality finishes. If you are looking for the best and most cost-efficient LA-based kitchen remodeler and renovation company that is reliable, professional, and a partner you can trust, your search is over.

AXE Construction Kitchen Remodeling
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Why AXE Construction for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project?

Simply put, we take care of it all from thought to finish. You will experience the AXE Construction White Glove Concierge approach to your project from the initial design consultation to the final inspection and walkthrough. We manage every detail of your kitchen remodeling process and will treat your home as if it were our own. We provide honest and timely updates about your project, so there will never be any surprises or unexpected news from our team.

The AXE Construction Approach

  • Custom Kitchen Remodeling Done Right
  • Exquisite Finishes
  • Beautiful Appliances for Your Dream Kitchen
  • Practical and Well Thought Out Workflow
  • Elegant Fixtures and Solid Wood Cabinetry Throughout the Project

AXE Construction’s kitchen remodelers are highly skilled professionals handling any job. Our goal is to provide unmatched quality, design, and budget results. The process begins with a comprehensive free in-home consultation where one of our experienced kitchen renovation designers will assess your needs and offer several solutions. Whether you desire a simple makeover or want to gut your existing space completely, we can help!

AXE Construction Kitchen Remodeling

Our Design Process

Whether it is a complete kitchen remodel or a kitchen for new construction, the designers at AXE Construction know kitchens and how to build breathtaking designs that are also efficient and highly functional.

The first step in our kitchen design process is to get to know you and what your kitchen tastes lean towards. We formulate preliminary design as a starting point by looking at the latest cabinets, kitchen appliances, and entertaining trends. We capture your design style and use it as our foundation. We make a note of those things that spark your passion for cooking.

Every successful kitchen remodel begins with a well-thought-out plan, and the design is everything at AX Construction. Is your project a major kitchen remodel or a minor kitchen remodel? Will you want custom cabinets, new flooring, and new appliances? Are you looking for a modern kitchen with state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances, solid hardwood flooring, granite counters, and a subway tile backsplash? Or are your kitchen makeover tastes for a more warm and inviting gathering place with comfy seating, a massive kitchen island, and copious task lighting?

Whatever your tastes are, our design experts will take your vision and develop a detailed design and project plan. Finally, are there any special considerations such as easily accessible upper cabinets, family life needs, or ADA considerations? Will you want a kitchen island? Do you need a large fridge or multiple ovens? Do you see yourself in a gorgeous space with opulent appointments and marble countertops? Are your tastes traditional or trendsetting? Do you prefer a gas range or an induction appliance? Do you have a brand of kitchen appliances that, for example, reflects style and passion?

Once we have defined your tastes, we look at how the space will be used in your daily life. Will you need multiple islands? Will you be serving your friends and family fun informal meals, or will you be preparing elegant and sophisticated meals? How much counter space will you need? Do you need your kitchen equipped with appliances like a sub-zero freezer, restaurant-style range, or wine cooler?

We want to ensure that your kitchen remodeling ideas are executed to your satisfaction. How much cabinet space will your new design require? Do you want open shelves or a kitchen island? What do you have in mind for new flooring? What will the focal point be for your kitchen design?

Our design will include:

  • Floor plan layout incorporating your kitchen remodeling ideas
  • Details about your choice of new cabinets, countertops and backsplash, and appliances
  • 3D rendering of the kitchen remodel
  • Special engineering considerations if load-bearing walls need to be moved or modified

Once we have the design laid out, we can plan your project.

Getting the Project Started

While the remodeling of an existing kitchen starts differently than a ground-up build, the overall process is similar. We work closely with you as the project progresses, keeping you updated on our progress. If there are any deviations to the schedule, we communicate that to you so that you are informed and not surprised at any point in the project.

We want to know if we will use any existing cabinetry, kitchen appliances, sink, or accessories for a remodel. On our first visit, we will take careful measurements and create an accurate floor plan for the existing kitchen. Using this information, we transform your design ideas into a buildable project with our unrivaled attention to detail.

We walk you through possible floor plans and layout options and discuss how we can best utilize your space, including working around any challenges or limitations.  We will put together design options that blend ergonomics, aesthetics, and budget for the project’s scope.

AXE Construction Kitchen Remodeling
AXE Construction Kitchen Remodeling

Order, Timeline, and Coordination

We will review the final proposed plans with you when we complete the design process. We want you to be comfortable with all aspects of your project and sign a contract to begin the construction of your custom luxury gourmet kitchen. We complete mechanical, electrical & lighting plans for use by our construction team. We also pull all required permits and handle inspections throughout the project. From start to completion, AXE Construction’s white-glove concierge service ensures your peace of mind during the project and guarantees complete and total satisfaction.
Your gourmet kitchen project will be completely taken care of, from constructing a kitchen island to cabinet selection and installation. Your countertops will be meticulously installed with attention to the fit and finish of the backsplash. We ensure that every feature has the beauty, clean lines, and functional design you desire.

Kitchen Remodel Cost

With your design in hand, we will evaluate your kitchen project and calculate the kitchen remodeling project costs. Once the final price has been accepted, we will execute the contract and schedule the project start time.


Before we arrive on-site to begin the demolition and construction, we will obtain all the required permits and handle all the inspections required for the project. We have a team of experts who will streamline the entire process and make every step of your kitchen remodel stress-free.

Demo Day

Every kitchen remodel begins with demolition, whether just the removal of cabinets and countertops or a complete gutting of the wall studs. We ensure that everything in the traffic path for material removal is protected and that a thorough end-of-work day clean-up is performed.


Once the old cabinets and kitchen appliances have been removed, we begin to bring your kitchen remodeling ideas to life. We will finish and install your new cabinets, lay the new flooring, install all new appliances, add a countertop to your kitchen island if it is part of your plan, and add all new fixtures and fittings such as lighting, plumbing hardware, power outlets, and switches.

Walkthrough & Final Inspection

When construction is complete, we schedule a walk-through with you for a final inspection. Any issues that need attention will be addressed before the final payment occurs. Once you have accepted the artistry at this stage, we move on to cleaning up the job site and completing the punch list items.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

AXE Construction Inc believes in customer satisfaction from start to finish! We want you to be 100% excited about your kitchen remodel and implementing your ideas. Each kitchen remodel and design we deliver is as unique as you and your home. We want you to be confident that the money you invest in your kitchen project will increase the resale value of your home and that the project costs will create a space you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Wrapping Up

For everyone from the gourmet chef who needs restaurant-grade kitchen appliances, miles of countertops, and convenient access to dishes, utensils, and drawers to the casual rustic kitchen where friends and family entreating happen, AXE Construction can take your inspiration for cooking and create the kitchen with the features, convenience, and style that matches you and your lifestyle.

Give us a call today and let AXE Construction take your ideas, passion, and style to create the kitchen that your friends and family will love and enjoy for years.

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