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Los Angeles Home Construction

At AXE Construction, we know new home construction and have designed and built some of the most amazing homes in Los Angeles and Orange County. We have California’s best ground-up construction crews in Southern California. Unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to design and detail set a home built by AXE Construction apart from anything else you have ever seen,

AXE Construction is the #1 Consumer Rate Los Angeles home construction and Orange County home construction company. We will deliver your custom dream home on schedule and budget. If you are looking for the best and most cost-efficient LA-based custom home builder that is reliable, professional, and a partner you can trust, your search is over.

When you work with AXE Construction, you can be sure that the process will be as smooth and stress-free as possible. We take care of everything, from permits to final inspections. You can relax and enjoy your new home knowing that the construction process was handled with the utmost care and expertise.

If you are considering building a new custom home, call AXE Construction today for a free consultation! We would be honored to help you bring your dream home to life. We offer the best new home construction Los Angeles county has ever seen.

At AXE Construction, we specialize in ground-up construction of luxury custom homes in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail set our homes apart from anything else you have ever seen.

Why AXE Construction for Your New Dream Home?

New construction homes in Los Angeles County are where we excel. Do you need more space? Is your current house too expensive to maintain? Do you want a custom design that caters to your needs and desires? Are there any features of the neighborhood that are essential for your family’s happiness, such as proximity to schools or parks?

At AXE Construction, we help you shape your dreams into solid, actionable plans for delivering your new dream custom home. Our team of architects can help you see that there are truly no limits to what can be done for your new home. Are you looking for that dream custom home with a backyard oasis centered around a fabulous pool and outdoor kitchen? AXE Construction can turn that dream into your new reality.

We have helped families with every step of the home-building process. We have an extensive network of realtors that can assist you in finding and purchasing the perfect lot in an ideal location for your new home.

Our construction crews have decades of experience building ground-up new construction in Southern California, allowing us to avoid costly mistakes that can lead to unexpected increases in the cost of your home. New custom home construction.

And when the construction is done, and the final walk-through has been completed, our interior design experts can help you find everything to appoint your new dream home to make it worthy of the cover of Architectural Digest.

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Are You Ready for an Experience Like No Other?

Simply put, we take care of it all from thought to finish. You will experience the AXE Construction White Glove Concierge approach to your project from the initial design consultation to the final inspection and walkthrough. We manage every detail of your kitchen remodeling process and will treat your home as if it were our own. We provide honest and timely updates about your project, so there will never be any surprises or unexpected news from our team.

Custom Home Builder Los Angeles

    • Custom Home Construction Done Right
    • Exquisite Finishes
    • Beautiful Appliances 
    • Practical and Well Thought Out Interior Flow
    • Elegant Fixtures and The Finest Appointments Throughout the Project
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Our Design Process

Whether a complete teardown and rebuild or a bare lot construction, the designers at AXE Construction know custom homes and how to build breathtaking, efficient, and highly functional designs know how to construct spectacular structures that are also efficient and highly functional.

The first step in our custom home design process is to get to know you and what your home tastes lean towards.  Do you prefer a more traditional style home? Or are you looking for something with more of a modern flair? We have a wide range of design options to choose from, and we will work with you until we create the perfect home for your needs.

Every successful new home build begins with a well-thought-out plan, and the design is everything at AX Construction. Our team of experienced architects and builders will work with you to create the perfect home for your needs, considering your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

We believe a well-designed home should be beautiful and functional, so we take the time to understand your needs and wants before starting construction. We’ll help you choose the right floor plan and materials and ensure that every detail is perfect.

Our team has years of experience in construction and architecture, so you can trust us to build a home that’s not only beautiful but also durable and reliable. We use only the highest quality materials and construction techniques, so you can rest assured that your new home will last for years.

We want to ensure that your custom home builds ideas are executed to your complete satisfaction. Does your family need plenty of outdoor space for poolside recreation? Have you ever wanted a full gourmet kitchen tucked away in your outdoor oasis? Is an expansive en suite your heart’s desire? Then the design team at AXE Construction is the team that can make that happen.

Our design will include:

  • Floor plan layout incorporating your wants and needs
  • Details about your choice of flooring, interior design features, and appliances
  • 3D rendering of the custom home
  • Special engineering considerations for the terrain.

Once we have the design laid out, we can plan your project.

Getting the Project Started

A ground-up build is a complicated process that requires expert management. We work closely with you as the project progresses, keeping you updated on our progress. If there are any deviations to the schedule, we communicate that to you so that you are informed and not surprised at any point in the project.

Los Angeles Home Construction Completed Project
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Order, Timeline, and Coordination

We will review the final proposed plans with you when we complete the design process. We want you to be comfortable with all aspects of your project and sign a contract to begin the construction of your custom home. We complete mechanical, electrical & lighting plans for use by our construction team. We also pull all required permits and handle inspections throughout the project. From start to completion, AXE Construction’s white-glove concierge service ensures your peace of mind during the project and guarantees complete and total satisfaction. Your new home construction project will be completely taken care of, allowing you to rest easy as we turn a dream into reality.


Before we arrive on-site to begin the construction, we will obtain all the required permits and handle all the inspections required for the project. We have a team of experts who will streamline the entire process and make every step of your custom home build stress-free.

Walkthrough & Final Inspection

When construction is complete, we schedule a walk-through with you for a final inspection. Any issues that need attention will be addressed before the final payment occurs. Once you have accepted the artistry at this stage, we move on to cleaning up the job site and completing the punch list items.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

AXE Construction Inc believes in customer satisfaction from start to finish! We want you to be 100% excited about your custom home build and our implementation of your ideas. Each custom home we deliver is as unique as yours and your family. We want you to be confident that the money you invest in your custom home project is money well spent creating a new home you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

The national average building costs range from $350 for low-end and $900 per square foot or more for high-end. As one of the most expensive cities to build a home, Los Angeles residents may spend an additional 8% of the national average to complete their house.


The cost of building a two story house in Los Angeles will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the house, the materials used, and the level of finishes. However, you can expect to pay around $250per square foot for a basic build. So, for a 2022 square foot house, you would be looking at a total cost of around $550,000.

It is legal to build your own house in California, but there are some restrictions. For example, you cannot construct a house out of metal or concrete without a permit. Additionally, you must comply with all zoning and building regulations.

If you’re considering building your own house, it’s important to do your research and familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations. You may also want to consider hiring an architect or engineer to help you design and construct your home. Building a house can be a daunting task, but with the right planning and preparation it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Have fun!

The most expensive part of building a house is usually the land. However, in some cases, it may be the construction materials or labor.

For example, according to this report from 2022, the average cost of roofing materials in the U.S. has risen to $7,022 per 100 square feet. So if you were to build a 2,000-square-foot home with a new roof, that would cost you an estimated $14,044 just for the roofing materials.

Other expensive parts of home construction include windows, cabinets and countertops, flooring and plumbing fixtures.

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on the size and layout of the house and the zoning regulations in the specific area. Generally speaking, a home in Los Angeles would need to be at least 500 square feet to be considered a “dwelling unit.” However, there are many exceptions to this rule. For example, some neighborhoods have zoning regulations that require houses to be larger than 500 square feet. And many smaller homes fall within the city’s definition of a dwelling unit. So it depends on your specific location and what the local ordinances are. If you’re interested in buying or renting a home in Los Angeles, I recommend contacting your local planning department for more information.

Yes, you can build a second home on your Los Angeles, California property. There may be some zoning restrictions that you will need to check on, but it is generally possible to build a second home on your property. You will need to make sureensure that you have the proper permits and approvals from the city before proceeding with any construction.

Wrapping Up

Please take a look at a small sampling of some of the magnificent custom homes we have delivered by visiting our Projects Page.

Give us a call today and let AXE Construction take your ideas, passion, and style to create the kitchen that your friends and family will love and enjoy for years.

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