About AXE Construction

AXE Construction Los Angeles is a premier design, construction, and development firm serving the greater Los Angeles area. We specialize in ground-up projects, remodels, and design and offer various other services. At AXE Construction Los Angeles, we take pride in our personalized concierge approach to general contracting because we understand the importance of building a home – the backdrop and framework of our lives. We are responsible for creating a final product beyond our clients’ vision. Our elite team of top engineers, architects, and designers work to guarantee that each client receives a complete package of construction, design, and project management.

Over the years, we have gained invaluable insight and solidified relationships with professionals throughout the industry, allowing us to perfect our unique full-service model and cement our identity in Southern California. From the client’s initial consultation to when they enter their completed new luxury property, our clients feel at ease knowing that our highly trained staff is with them each step.

We will Construct Your Vision

AXE Construction Los Angeles is committed to providing the best service without sacrificing efficiency, no matter the project. Quality construction begins long before builders even step foot onto a property. By emphasizing pre-construction planning, we ensure that the project management process runs smoothly within budget and schedule. This thoroughness helps clients feel empowered to make optimal decisions for their unique goals and maximize value.

Plan & Architecture

Client meetings and property walk-throughs establish a well-defined vision of our client’s goals, allowing us to analyze the land and pinpoint potential hurdles, preventing costly delays. We explore technologies and materials, conduct field tests and run virtual simulations to formulate a range of options for our clients to choose from for each project. Our expert engineers and architects transform each client’s dream home into a working blueprint.

Permits & Legal

Through years of experience, we’ve mastered the intricacies of construction and development. No project is too big or too complex! We conduct an extensive review of each project and ensure that everything we do is legal and up to code. Our team includes an experienced legal team that utilizes its know-how to obtain the permits and regulatory approvals needed.

Development & Building

Excellent construction requires an amazing team. Our team of experts works diligently to perform on budget and on time, managing personnel, materials, equipment, and so much more. We ensure our clients get a wide selection and competitive prices for quality materials and appliances. From morning to night, our management team is on call overseeing and organizing each project.

Review & Design

Continued communication with clients and weekly team meetings is key to ensuring that the final product exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our project managers and contractors work alongside first-class interior designers, curators, and clients to perfect the finishing touches of our luxury projects.

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